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Hold on to God's Word,
and don't quit.

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Learn the Bible

Four of the most popular overview seminars help you get the big picture.

Best Bible Reading Plan, How Long Each Book Takes to Listen Through, How to Keep a Proverbs Notebook,

4-Color Pencil Method

Old Testament,

New Testament,

 Topical, and

GROW Studies

Quick visual timelines of key sections of Scripture

Devotional articles, encouraging verses, Free .pdf booklets.

Most Recent:

Free Lesson Plans,

Creative Tools and Tips,

Helps for the Teacher, and 

Teacher Training Course

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Image by Green Chameleon

What to include in a Bible curriculum,

Free Sample scope/sequence units,

School curriculum teacher packets.

I don't know anything about the Bible.

If this describes you, try starting with a simple overview like I Love to Tell the Story.

Why Strong Hands?

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