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GROW Studies


1. You will need your Bible.


2. You will need these Bible Discovery Guides.

(to complete your weekly homework)

*Bible Discovery Guides are the copyrighted work of Sarah Overstreet Midyett and used with permission.

Individual list of Guides used weekly:

3. Complete the Weekly Homework Guide.

(Each guide has five short interactive activities to engage with the lesson.)

All Weekly Homework Guides used in this unit (one document)

Individual list of Guides used weekly:



4. Listen to the Lesson with Handouts.

Acts session 1RLeiann Walther
00:00 / 39:49
Acts session 2RLeiann Walther
00:00 / 45:57
Acts session 3RLeiann Walther
00:00 / 45:00
Acts session 4RLeiann Walther
00:00 / 46:35
Acts session 5RLeiann Walther
00:00 / 51:23
Acts session 6RLeiann Walther
00:00 / 45:34

Weekly handouts to go with audio:

5. Review with 2-minute animation.

(Can you recognize the major themes covered?)

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