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Best Bible


for Kids!

Bibles for Kids

Preschoolers and beginning readers both love this Bible.
(Makes a great Baby Shower gift that will last for many years!)
125 of the best-loved stories from the Bible, retold in a simple paragraph by Kenneth N. Taylor. The illustrations are realistic and beautifully done. 
EXCELLENT for beginning family devotions with young children.

The Family-Time Bible in pictures picks up where the "First Bible in Pictures" leaves off. 
​Stories are a little more detailed, but still in an understandable style for young children. 
​Great Bible for family devotions.

Learning Scripture through Music

These two Hide 'Em in Your Heart volumes by Steve Green contain 41 Scripture verses set to music. His calm and easy explanation before each song brings understanding and helps with application.  
These are helpful for kids AND adults, and you will probably find yourself being encouraged and challenged by these verses!!

These songs come straight from the NIV Bible and are set to catchy tunes. 
The dvds have kids doing motions to the songs and are a bit dated in styles, but are still helpful for kids to remember the Scriptures being sung.

Learning and Telling Bible Stories

Bible Stories Alive with Mrs. G
75 full-length Bible stories available in cd or mp3 download format. Also available from itunes under "Kitty Anna Griffiths."
Kitty Anna Griffiths, of Toronto, Canada—was loved worldwide for her warm, captivating style. She received mail from 188 countries. Mrs. G believed that “all scripture is inspired by God”.  So she studied the text to make sure her stories brought out the meaning of the scripture.  As part of her research, she visited Israel six times, three times as a guest of the government of Israel.  S
he served with her pastor husband and had great concern for the underprivileged, including providing an out-patients soup kitchen for Africans in a mission hospital and in establishing and equipping a children’s wing for African babies and children. Mrs. G made the Bible come alive for thousands of children—and adults—at home, in church, in schools, camps, cars, hospitals, in all kinds of places. 


Bible Story Activity Books!
These felt Bible story books are easy and fun to assemble. The beautiful backgrounds come with figures that can be moved around to tell the Bible story--and have the kids re-tell the story!
​The Old Testament Stories has 8 felt p
ages. The Bible Stories book has 7 felt pages. 
They also are a great way to allow children to "sit and play quietly" during church times.

Bible Story Activity Books!
This flannelgraph set comes with over 600 figures and objects including 12 figures of Jesus plus men, women, children, animals, buildings, scenery items, tables, chairs, pyramids, tomb, ark, fiery furnace, and many, many more. 
Illustrates 182 stories including over 400 scenes. (Note: Flannel graph figures come ready to cut out.)  Excellent for Sunday School classes, shared teaching, or use with Bible clubs. 


Singing Praises

Cedarmont Kids have come up with a series of cd's that are energetic and easy to listen to. (also available in mp3 download format)
Their series cover both old favorites and more contemporary worship songs. 

Bible Games

Bible Trivia Card Game.jpg

Bible Trivia Quiz Card GameChallenge yourself with questions about the people, history, stories and facts from the Bible. The Bible Trivia Quiz Cards have two levels of play on each card. The white side is easier, and the yellow side is more challenging. Answers are printed on the opposite side with Bible references. Also, the cards are color coded in 4 categories: Great Stories; Jesus, God's Son; Extra Extra!; and People, Places and Things. Includes activities and 56 cards. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Each card has 20 clues about a person or an item. The fewer clues you can guess correctly, the more points you get! As a challenge, after studying a unit with many unique Bible characters, have your students write their own clue cards.
Their creativity will amaze you! ​(Great for middle school and high school)

Do you know.jpg

Do U Know? Game
It's similar to Uno, but in addition to matching colors and numbers, players must answer questions about Bible facts, characters, and stories. Perfect for long road trips and rainy afternoons, you'll increase your knowledge of important Bible characters and events, and it's so much fun, you kids won't even realize they're learning! 
Do U Know? is great for the whole family, especially ages 5 and up.

Would your child like to get some personal mail? The Mailbox Club says: "​Our lessons are Christ-centered, true to the Bible and full of hope for your child or grandchild, children, teens, or adults in your neighborhood, and anyone you believe would benefit from basic Bible teaching from God's Word."

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