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GROW Studies

Beginnings: Genesis 1-12

1. You will need your Bible.


2. You will need these Bible Discovery Guides.

(to complete your weekly homework)

*Bible Discovery Guides are the copyrighted work of Sarah Overstreet Midyett and used with permission.

Individual list of Guides used weekly:

3. Complete the Weekly Homework Guide.

(Each guide has five short interactive activities to engage with the lesson.)

Individual list of Guides used weekly:

4. Listen to the Lesson with Handouts.

(We apologize for the incomplete list due to recording issues.)

1R. GROW CreationLeiann Walther
00:00 / 38:34
3R. GROW Cain and AbelLeiann Walther
00:00 / 38:38
5.R Tower of BabelLeiann Walther
00:00 / 36:52

Individual list of Handouts used weekly:

5. Review with 2-minute animation.

(Can you recognize the major themes covered?)

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