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*All materials are developed and taught by David McClanahan and may only be reproduced with permission.

Sunset Flower

High and Lifted Up: Isaiah

Broken Trunk

Tear Down-Build Up: Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s timeless message shows how the one true God is in the business of tearing down what is false so that He can build up what is an honor to His name in His own way and timing.  He calls individuals and nations to turn away from rival suitors and re-direct their loyalties entirely toward the Lord. Jeremiah’s very personal glimpse into his own private thoughts and conversations with the LORD remind us that being His messenger in the struggle between good and evil makes us a more visible prey to discouragement and opposition.  Through it all, Jeremiah shows us the way to keep open the one channel of communication that is most necessary. 

In this series, we are going to study

  • the traits of the backslidden people of Judah

  • the hope offered to those willing to turn to God 

  • the personal struggles of Jeremiah, who was called to confront them  

  • the LORD’s resolve to redeem the situation for His own glory through the disciplinary action of the evil nation, Babylon

  • God’s promise of the New Covenant. 


"Where is the Glory?": Ezekiel

What do these images have in common?
4-faced beings who stir around in their places on wheels

  • A prophet who cannot speak most of the time and who lies around, tied up with ropes

  • The people of God engrossed in not-so-secret idol worship

  • A man who is not allowed to mourn the death of his beloved wife

  • Dry, dismembered bones that come to life

  • Scavenger birds that eat the flesh of hordes of deceased soldiers

  • A river that turns the lifeless Dead Sea into fresh water filled with fish

They all come from the often-neglected Book of Ezekiel, a 2,600-year old message intended to get the attention of the people of God in full-color ‘shock’.  While it was intended initially for the Lord’s wayward people in Babylonian exile, its application for today’s modern Church does not take much of a ‘stretch’ at all. 

In addition to discovering the significance of the 7 images noted above (plus many others), we are going to trace through the book how the Lord’s Glory departs from His people and the circumstances under which it comes back.  There are some lessons here for each one of us.

Other Studies by David McClanahan

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