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Rows of Classical Columns

How Firm a Foundation:

Genesis 12-50

1. You will need your Bible.


2. You will need these Bible Discovery Guides.

(to complete as you go through each lesson)

*Bible Discovery Guides are the copyrighted work of Sarah Overstreet Midyett and used with permission.

Individual list of Guides used weekly:

3. Listen to the Lesson with Handouts.

1R. GROW Foundations AbramLeiann Walther
00:00 / 49:22
2R. GROW Foundations Abram God SeparatedLeiann Walther
00:00 / 51:21
3R. GROW Foundations Isaac the SonLeiann Walther
00:00 / 47:02
4R. GROW Foundations Esau and JacobLeiann Walther
00:00 / 42:16
5R. GROW Foundations The JacobsonsLeiann Walther
00:00 / 50:12
6R. GROW Foundations Joseph Suffering ServantLeiann Walther
00:00 / 50:48

Individual list of Handouts used weekly:

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