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Financial Guidelines

Because Strong Hands Enterprises, LLC is not a 501c3 organization, the receipts given cannot be used for tax-deductible purposes.  But because Strong Hands Enterprises, LLC is a ministry, gifts do go toward meeting ministry expenses, such as website costs, handouts, and resources.

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Does Strong Hands charge a fee for its services?

The financial needs of Strong Hands are met through gifts from those who have been blessed through its ministry so that they are able to accept teaching opportunities without charging.  Requests that are made to Strong Hands are prayed for and evaluated with an advisory team.  Sometimes churches or groups give an honorarium to the teacher as a thank you for their time and expenses, but it is not required nor expected. 
Expenses, such as website costs, teaching materials, office supplies, book resources, and special projects are also provided for through gifts. 

In what way is Strong Hands accountable?

Strong Hands has a small advisory team for guidance, prayer, and accountability.  

By being a Limited Liability Company, Strong Hands is able to be accountable for tax purposes, minimize administrative paperwork,  and focus its time on ministry opportunities. 

The company "Strong Hands Enterprises, LLC" does not exist in order to "have a ministry" but rather that the opportunities that are already there can be adequately accounted for.

If Strong Hands is a ministry, why is it not tax-deductible?

Currently Strong Hands does not have a salaried worker, which would be necessary to operate a non-profit organization.  Anyone who contributes to Strong Hands will receive acknowledgement of their gift, but the receipts may not be used for tax-deduction purposes.

Can I give to Strong Hands?

If you have been blessed through the ministry of Strong Hands and would like to give a gift, you may contact us at:
Strong Hands Enterprises, LLC
1300 Bearhollow Rd.
​Greensboro, NC 27410

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